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( USA and European premiere - 2018)

The Grandel Theatre - St. Louis, MO

Le Théâtre du Rouret - Rouret, France

Communauté de Communes - Couloisy, France


Choreographic Structure: Guest artist, Marie Christine Dal Farra,Vallauris, France created in collaboration with the dancers

Music Composition: Spencer David Hutchings, New York City

Dal Farra’s “The Call of Mont Sainte-Victoire” is inspired by more than eighty paintings of Mont Sainte-Victoire created by the post-impressionist French painter Paul Cézanne. Cézanne is known for trying to capture all of the perspectives and complexities of a subject — not only the sight of it, but also how the light changes it, the air around it, the other senses it activates. Dal Farra and the dancers followed a similar process while developing this piece, exploring what Cézanne might have seen, felt and experienced as he studied Mont Sainte-Victoire. While the structure of this work is well-established and rooted in these explorations (like a series of guideposts with many paths in between), the actual performance each evening will vary — much like each of Cézanne's depictions of the mountain. 

Running time: 25 min.

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