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The Alexander Technique 
Private Lessons and Group
Dawn Karlovsky MFA, M.AmSAT 

The Alexander Technique is regarded as a study of “human reaction”, a way to help us to understand how our use, structure, and functioning are completely integrated.  F.M. Alexander’s method of re-education allows us to examine how our general self-use influences our overall coordination which affects everything we do. 

Private lessons in the Alexander Technique involve one-to-one teaching that uses gentle touch to guide, instruct, and to increase awareness and gauge the amount of tension generally used in daily life.


Benefits to studying the Alexander Technique allow for:

  • improved ease and efficiency of movement

  • improved balance and postural support

  • improved breathing and vocal production

  • enhanced performance for dancers, singers, actors, and musicians,

  • release of habitual use of tension and more!

    Workshops for groups are also available.

For more information, contact:

Dawn Karlovsky -

Dawn Karlovsky is a nationally certified teaching member of the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT) since 2004. Dawn is currently serving as Chair of AmSAT's Committee for the Alexander Technique in the Performing Arts (CATPA).  She teaches The Alexander Technique at Washington University as part of the Somatic Studies Program, and in the Department of Dance at Webster University in St. Louis where she teaches modern dance, dance composition, dance history, and the Alexander Tech. for performing artists in dance, music, and theater. 


Dawn presents workshops on the Alexander Technique at various institutions including: Washington University Somatic Studies Program, Webster University Department of Music and Voice Pedagogy Workshops, Washington University of St. Louis Physical Therapy Program, Webster Community Music School, Isadora Duncan International Symposium (San Francisco), Shawl-Anderson Dance Center (CA), California State University-Dominguez Hills Department of Dance, Central Methodist University, Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville, IL, the American College Dance Association Festival, and Body-Mind Centering Conferences. 

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