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Karlovsky & Company Dance addresses the needs of bodymind

health, self-care, and opportunities for professional development

through our annual SUMMER SOMATICS SERIESof weekly

somatic movement workshops.

Restore | Balance | Energize

The Summer Somatics Series provides weekly somatic movement

classes with the aim to help dancers and non-dancers alike

discover new practices for deepening your movement

experiences, enriching performance skills, enhancing

sensory awareness, and attending to self-care.

For movers of all types - 16+ and mature movers.

Somatic education contributes to improved awareness and

movement integration to experience more ease, comfort,

and confidence. A different somatic practice is featured each

week and presented by teaching specialists who are certified

instructors in their respective field.

Karlovsky & Company Dance is thrilled to collaborate with

these amazing local teachers and to provide you with a taste

of these invaluable somatic movement experiences. 

  SCHEDULE - 2024


Saturday, May 18, 10:30am - Noon:

Authentic Movement Class with Sarah Anne Patz

Saturday, May 25 - 10:30am - Noon:

Integrating Systems - Discovering Commonalities

Between the Alexander Technique and

Bartenieff Fundamentals with Dawn Karlovsky

Saturday, June 1, 10:30am - Noon:  

Mindful Movement for Restoration and Rejuvenation

with Elise Harowitz

Monday, June 3, 6:30 - 8:00pm:

The Elusive Solution - Feldenkrais Method®

with Kelly Feder

Monday, June 10, 6:30 - 8:00pm:  

Yielding to Our Nature with Mary Ann Rund

Monday, June 17, 6:30 - 8:00pm:

An Introduction to Continuum Movement

with Beckah Reed

All classes will be held in-person at: 

Grandel Theatre (in the Grand Hall)

3610 Grandel Square, St. Louis, MO 63103

$85 - Full Access to all classes in the series

$15 per individual class
Online Advance registration is strongly recommended

in order to manage class size.

Checks/Cash only for drop-in on

the day of the class


These classes are appropriate for all movement levels and can

be adapted for individual needs. They are most suited for

adult populations; however, older teens under 18 years old

are welcome when accompanied with a parent or guardian.

Questions? Contact Dawn Karlovsky, founder and artistic director

of Karlovsky & Company Dance | 314-283-1851 or

email us at:

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  • Authentic Movement Class with Sarah Anne Patz

Authentic Movement is a completely self-directed movement form. We invoke caring, tending, and deep listening as we attune to the senses of body and psyche.  With eyes closed, individuals move from an inward place in the presence of receptivity and non-judgement.  Participants experience the relationship between mover and witness, of being seen and seeing, and can better understand self and other.  Journaling and/or drawing may be used as a vehicle for dialogue.

Sarah Anne Patz has over four decades of experience teaching dance and movement arts for students at the preschool, elementary, and college level. She works as a Teaching Artist in the St. Louis Public Schools through Springboard to Learning. Her current programs are "Moving With Character" for students in grades K-3, and the Wolf Trap Arts Integration program, a professional development for preschool educators.  For the past 30 years, Sarah Anne has been the Creative Movement Specialist at Kol Rinah Early Childhood Center. She co-directed Off Track Dancers, a post-modern dance company, and has taught as adjunct faculty in the Dance and Somatic programs at Washington University.  Sarah Anne offers workshops in Contemplative Dance/Authentic Movement throughout the area.  She holds a BA in Dance with K-12 Education Certification, an MA from Lesley University, and a certificate in Contemplative Dance.

  • Integrating Systems -  Discovering Commonalities Between the Alexander Technique and Bartenieff Fundamentals with Dawn Karlovsky

This is an experiential, movement-based workshop exploring fundamental movement patterning through movement studies drawing from Bartenieff Fundamentals paired with the Alexander Technique. Using the Alexander Technique as a guide, participants will be encouraged to investigate the overall dynamic relationship of our coordination and movement patterning through an integrated use of breath, sensory awareness, movement initiation, intention and direction. Participants will be guided with verbal prompts to explore the spinal “head-tail” relationship and “core-distal” connectivity for a deeper understanding of the support needed for more complex patterns of movement.

Dawn Karlovsky is a nationally certified teaching member of the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT) since 2004. Dawn is currently serving as Chair of AmSAT's Committee for the Alexander Technique in the Performing Arts (CATPA). She teaches The Alexander Technique at Washington University/Somatic Studies Program, and in the Department of Dance at Webster University in St. Louis where she teaches modern dance, dance composition, dance history, and the Alexander Tech. for performing artists in dance, music, and theater. Dawn presents workshops on the Alexander Technique nationally for various institutions including Webster University Department of Music and Voice Pedagogy Workshops, the American College Dance Association Festival, and Body-Mind Centering Conferences to name a few.  In addition to her work in the Alexander Tech., Dawn is the Founder and Director of Karlovsky & Company Dance, a St. Louis-based contemporary modern dance company. Her choreography has been commissioned and presented by universities and modern dance/theater companies nationally and internationally including France, Beijing, China, and Cape Town, South Africa. Dawn holds an MFA degree in Choreography from the University of Utah and BA in Theater Arts-Dance Performance from Northern Illinois University.

Eise Ringenberg- Headshot.jpg
  • Mindful Movement for Restoration and Rejuvenation with Elise Harowitz

Need a break from life’s hustle and bustle?  Find restoration and rejuvenation through mindful movement!  Restore and Rejuvenate through Mindful Movement is for individuals interested in taking a moment to reconnect to their bodies in a safe way.  This individual-focused, group experience will give you a greater sense of self-awareness and a more settled nervous system.  All bodies and all movement ability levels are welcome in this inclusive class.  Elise will guide and support participants through mindful movements and sensory experiences that you can take back to your everyday life.  These techniques draw from Dance Movement Therapy and Somatic Experiencing principles.  Elise offers a trauma-informed approach into all teaching practices.  Come prepared to gently move your mind, body, and soul!

Elise Harowitz is a mental health therapist from all over the place who has a passion for the mind-body connection.  From a young age, she was interested in the arts, creative self-expression, and helping others.  This inspired Elise to attend TCU for a BFA in Modern Dance, pursue a career in dance performance, and teach dance at local studios.  Elise also received her Pilates certification and taught from an anatomical and functional movement framework.  From there, Elise wanted to explore working with people beyond an educational setting.  Her interests converged when Elise moved to Chicago and received her Master’s in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling from Columbia College.  Elise went on to work in residential eating disorder treatment, inpatient medical and psychiatric hospital, and outpatient group practice settings. In 2023, Elise opened her own private practice Embodied Pathways, which specializes in somatic and expressive therapies for every body.  Elise believes in the power of movement –not only the physical benefits, but also the psychological, social, and emotional.  

  • The Elusive Solution - Feldenkrais Method® with Kelly Feder

What if our mindset to fix a problem undermines our ability to improve and get better? What if connecting with yourself is more powerful than judging? What if creative and novel variations are more effective than repetitions? What if failing is succeeding? Join me as we explore these questions through the Feldenkrais Method® of Awareness Through Movement®. 

Kelly Feder has always been interested in human potential and how we create and move beyond our limitations in both moving and thinking. She is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and has been learning and exploring with this method for almost 20 years.

  • Yielding to Our Nature with Mary Ann Rund

Our developmental journey takes place in the safe container of our mother host.  It is there that we begin to experience relationship, part to whole, self to self, and self to other.  When we emerge from the womb, we start another primary relationship, that of self to gravity/earth/universe.

In this workshop we will be guided to explore several of these relationships including cellular breathing, condensing and expanding, yielding, bonding and defending as individuals and with partners/groups.  As we continue to enlarge our spatial investigations, our movement options, and our relationships to self, other and environment, we will intentionally stay connected to the sensibilities of the prior explorations, noting how the revisiting of our primary, fetal and infant experiences infuse, color, and texturize our movement.  

Mary Ann Rund (aka Reis) has taught dance and somatic movement for several decades in St. Louis. Former performer and choreographer, Mary Ann is intrigued by the potential for expression in all ages and stages of life.  With a BS in Biology and a BA and MFA in dance, she decided to indulge her curiosity of somatic disciplines and chose Body-Mind Centering® (BMC) as a focus of study and practice, completing certifications in Somatic Movement Education (SME) and Infant Development Movement Education (IDME).  Mary Ann  teaches a somatic course at Washington University, sees private clients and teaches some Saturdays for the Community Modern Dance class.  Feel free to contact her at

Beckah Headshot 1 IMG_07701.jpg
  • An Introduction to Continuum Movement with Beckah Reed

Continuum Movement ( is a watery somatics practice devised by Emile Conrad D’oud.  Beckah Reed guides one through the various sounds, breaths, lush sensations, and fluid movements of Continuum Movement in a way that promotes creativity, spontaneity and opens one to the very real possibilities of self-healing and innovation in living! 

Beckah Reed is a professor emerita of dance at Webster University and worked as co-artistic director for GASH/VOIGT Dance Theatre (GVDT), an all-women’s contemporary dance theatre ensemble, based in St. Louis. Currently, she loves playing with energy, humans and horses ( Beckah believes in the integration of body, mind, and spirit.  She enjoys her work in somatics, focusing on transformation through subtle energies, inviting wholeness for groups  and individuals for over two decades. (

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