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Shifting Time


The Grandel Theatre - St. Louis, MO

Shawl-Anderson Dance Center, Oakland, California


Concept:                   Dawn Karlovsky (Karlovsky & Company Dance) in                                                        collaboration with Megan Nicely(Megan Nicely/Dance)

Choreography:         Dawn Karlovsky and Megan Nicely

SHIFTING TIME is an evening-length dance-theater work exploring thoughts, perceptions, and experiences of human and environmental time.  SHIFTING TIME integrates contemporary dance, Japanese butoh influences, theater, live music, and spoken word into a moving landscape inspired by concepts and perceptions of time. The work is inspired by the book, “Why Time Flies” by Alan Burdick, other researched works, and personal life experiences. Running time: 1h 15min…


Time…this elusive, non-tangible thing that regulates life

Time…this something, that’s really nothing, that we can hold

Time…this illusion marked only by something else

Time…this game that tricks the mind and the senses

Time…this something, that’s really nothing, but all of life exists within it.

 ~ (Poem excerpt by Dawn Karlovsky for SHIFTING TIME)

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