St. Louis PoIMG_5972st-Dispatch March 27, 2014 By Calvin Wilson 

Dancer leaps into her own company

Dancer-choreographer Dawn Karlovsky finally has a company to call her own.  A longtime presence on the St. Louis dance scene, Karlovsky has often staged concerts with pickup groups, earning praise for work that she calls “visceral and introspective.” Now, with an ensemble of committed performers, she hopes to take that work to the next level.  Read more…


Karlovsky & Company Dance: <i>Emerge!</i>Riverfront Times March 26, 2014 By Alison Sieloff

Karlovsky & Company Dance: Emerge!

In many ways modern dance is all about adaptation — choreographers take their views of the world, and the subtexts therein, and envision those concepts as movement. Dancers then take that choreographed work, and develop and adapt it further in their own minds to fully express the perspective of the piece and to successfully present it to you, the audience member. You, of course, then examine that performance based on your own point of view and experiences, and utilize what you witness to adapt how you see the world — if not forever, then at least in the moment you’re watching the concert. Read more…

IMG_2589 copyRiverfront Times By Paul Friswold

Eat to Beat 

For ten Septembers, Dawn Karlovsky has taken dance to the people by performing site-specific pieces in public places during the lunch hour with Dine on Dance. Read more…



dine on dance_11848.60St.Louis Beacon 

Dine on Dance: Eat, dance and be merry

Preview by: Elizabeth Bartek, September, 2012    Karlovsky came up with the idea nine years ago as a way to provide greater access to the arts in St. Louis. She hopes these events will spark an interest in dance within the community. Read more…


The Riverfront Times by Alison Seiloffbare-all.7717696.40

Bare All 

You don’t have to go to New York for innovative dance — or wait for an NYC company to visit. Inspired choreography happens here, too, and Dawn Karlovsky proves it yet again with Exposed, a contemporary dance concert.  Read more…

806_387_lgALIVE Magazine, St. Louis Stage Presence             

The Master Of Movement Dawn Karlovsky   

Dancer/Choreographer/Instructor Dawn Karlovsky is one of St. Louis’ most intriguing and in-demand modern dance choreographer/instructor/performers….read more

Dance Magazine

How the Midwest Was Won – Dance Magazine – If it’s happening in …

Dance Matters: How the Midwest Was Won by Alice Bloch
Clearly St. Louis embraces this festival!” St. Louis–based choreographer Dawn Karlovsky agrees. The festival has increased her visibility, and she is on the bill.

West End Word, St. Louis

Joffrey Ballet & Spring Dance Events By Regina Popper
Dance lovers will be swept off their feet with spring array of offerings:  Joffrey Ballet / Spring to Dance / Dawn Karlovsky & Dancers Read more…