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Modern Dance From MADCO, KARLOVSKY & CO.

By Regina Popper Mar 20, 2019


Modern dance, like poetry, communicates feelings and perspectives that go beyond the surface meaning of words or ideas. Two local dance companies hope to transport their audiences to new levels of emotional insight as one explores how dance unites the communities of St. Louis and the other searches humanity’s relationship with time.

Both MADCO and Karlovsky & Company Dance are offering performances over the same weekend of March 29 and 30.

Karlovsky & Company’s “Shifting Time”

Karlovsky & Company Dance presents its premiere work at the Grandel Theatre in Grand Center with an earlier start time of 7:30 p.m. The full evening dance-theater work, “Shifting Time,” incorporates varying moods and movement paces related to the human experience of time. Some elements are inspired by the exotic Japanese Butoh style (though not white face or Japanese design).

Company head Dawn Karlovsky said she and collaborator Megan Nicely of San Francisco will be using “concepts and influences from the butoh perspective” in the work. Other elements emphasize the mind-body connection or “somatic modalities.” Karlovsky was inspired originally by Alan Burdock’s book, “Why Time Flies,” as well as her personal experiences. As she said, the piece creates “striking theatrical images that awaken memories and pose questions for our future.”

The piece has eight sections with titles such as “Eternal Time,” “Clock Time,” “Environmental Time” and “Body Time.” The work includes multiple solos, duets and ensembles, featuring Karlovsky and Nicely in solos and a duet. Nicely is artistic director of Megan Nicely/Dance based in the Bay Area, where this piece will be performed June 28 and 29.

The original electronic art music of Tory Starbuck will be performed live with additional recorded selections from the Kronos Quartet, Aris Kindt, and Alva Noto and Ryuichi Nakamoto. Starbuck employs a fusion of Asian folk and eclectic new wave sounds.

Additional company dancers are Summer Beasley, R. Vance Baldwin, Maeve Connor, Gabby Deakin, Lise Garger, Amy LaRue, Emilee Morton and Elise Marie Ringenberg.

Tickets at the door or via Metrotix are $15 or $20, general admission.

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Karlovsky & Company Dance performs “Remembrance.” |photo by Bob Morrison

Karlovsky & Company Dance

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