About the Company

Karlovsky & Company Dance developed out of the St. Louis based pick-up company Dawn Karlovsky & Dancers formed in 2004. Karlovsky & Company Dance is comprised of a unique group of accomplished performers, choreographers, and teachers dedicated to expanding the art of contemporary modern dance.  The company is led by founder and artistic director, Dawn Karlovsky, who teaches modern dance and somatic studies at Washington University, and in the Department of Dance at Webster University in St. Louis.

Karlovsky & Company Dance aspires to bring recognition to local artists who share their enthusiasm, creativity, and camaraderie giving the St. Louis community opportunities to witness dance in a unique, thought-provoking manner.

The company’s approach to choreography is explorative and inventive, tapping into the complexities of the human spirit and developing movement that stems from conceptual, emotional, and physical elements. This process-oriented approach generates dances that are visceral, poignant, and thought provoking.

Karlovsky & Company Dance is interested in educating the public to help build more receptive and informed audiences. The works by Karlovsky & Company Dance bring depth and diversity to contemporary dance in St. Louis and extend beyond the region through performances and residencies nationwide.

Photo Credit: Gerry Love